4 Easy DIY Sugar Scrubs

Winter is here! Which means it’s time to indulge your skin and take a break from the cold and windy world outside.

For the Face ~ Clarifying Grapefruit Scrub

1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 cup sugar, coconut oil

Juice half a grapefruit and mix with sugar and coconut oil. You can do a quick melt-heat of the coconut oil in the microwave, 10 secs or less is usually enough. Note: be careful with this scrub if you have sensitive skin and avoid the eye area.

For the Body ~ Glowing Tumeric Body Scrub (reduce scars and stretch marks!)

1 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons tumeric, coconut oil

Mix sugar, tumeric and oil. Apply liberally in the shower!

For the Lips ~ Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

1 tablespoon brown sugar or superfine caster sugar, 1 spoonful of honey, 1 teaspoon coconut or olive oil

Mix sugar, honey and oil right before gently rubbing on lips. Wash off and apply lip balm (Aquaphor is a classic favorite)

For the Feet ~ Peppermint Foot Scrub

1/2 cup sugar, peppermint oil

Mix sugar and a few drops of oil, best if used in conjunction with a warm footbath which has the added benefit of relaxing the whole body

December 14, 2017
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