Fashion Blogs to Follow Right Now

We’ve been lurkers of fashion blogs long before we ever decided to start our own. Every year, hundreds of new blogs seem to pop up, and it can be hard to sort through them all. Over the years, we’ve seen many fashion bloggers come and go, but here are some old favorites that have stuck around and new fashion ingenues to follow right now.


Rachel et Nicole A quirky sister team (!) with a strong Pop-Art, Warholian aesthetic. We love browsing through pictures of them at museums and around town.


Andy Heart Sophisticated and minimalist, Andy Heart is a solo project run by Ann Kim in LA. Her clean lines and balances backgrounds, and the occasional post-modern work of art, makes her blog a kind of morning tea for the eyes.



A Model Recommends More makeup and lifestyle than beauty, this British fashion model does extensive beauty product reviews (which we love) and often lets us get a glimpse at her adorable dog, cat, and two children in between shots of Chanel foundations and YSL blushes.


Hug-You Run by Sylvia Haghjoo, her Hug-You blog has a grittier, European fashion aesthetic. She has a particularly sharp eye for accessories, and we love going to her for accessory-inspo when we need it!


Wendy’s Lookbook And of course, who doesn’t know Wendy’s Lookbook? One of the first fashion blogs I started following back in the day, Wendy’s Lookbook provides a feast of polished, high-fashion, editorial images for you to gaze at in fashion envy. The best kind of fashion envy, of course.


What are some of the fashion blogs you are following now? Let us know your favorites!

April 2, 2017
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