Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliners “Eye Collector’s Set” Review

Monday mornin’ all! Today’s post is a review of one of the few Sephora Rewards I’ve managed to snag: the Bobbi Brown Eye Collector’s Set. It comes with seven shades and a full-size eyeliner brush. Swatches at the end of the post.

When the package arrived, I have to say I was impressed by the packaging. This is nicer than most regular Sephora orders!

sephora box sephora box inside

I’ve been a fan of Bobbi Brown’s long-wear gel eyeliners since college, when I would wear exclusively their Black Ink. Preferences change and now I prefer brown eyeliners. So let’s start with the two brown colors in the set:

Dark Chocolate InkBlack Plum Ink

Left: Dark Chocolate Ink, Right: Black Plum Ink

You can see I’ve already dipped into both colors, couldn’t wait to use them 😀 Dark Chocolate Ink is a very deep brown color, I can see myself easily substituting it for true black. Black Plum Ink is more brown than plummy which makes it a win for me. It’s a very pretty daytime eyeliner that can easily be pumped up with some metallic shadow for nighttime. Next are the greyish colors:

Patina Ink

Left: Patina Ink, Right: Gunmetal Ink

Patina Ink was a surprise for me. It’s a little sparkly in the pot, but less so on the eye. On me, it actually looks like a darker cousin of Black Plum Ink. Gunmetal is a pretty straightforward…gunmetal silver color. I would try it out for nighttime sometime.

Hunter Ink

Hunter Ink

The only green in the bunch, Hunter Ink is another pleasant surprise. As a dark haired, dark eyed gal I usually avoid all green colors. In the pot, this looked like no exception, but on my skin I like it quite a bit. It’s matte, reminds me of the dark khaki army green that was popular a few years back, making it very wearable regardless of your eye and skin color.

Indigo Ink

Left: Indigo Ink, Right: Sapphire Shimmer Ink

Last but not least, the two blues. Sapphire Shimmer Ink is the tiniest bit sparkly while Indigo Ink is not. Sapphire is also a bit darker. These two are probably my least favorite, not because they’re bad, they just don’t excite me. They’re solid renditions of fairly universally appealing dark blue colors.

Ultra Fine Liner Brushbrush head

Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush

I love this brush. In college I used a really cheap but really great drugstore eyeliner brush that I only threw away a few years ago. Since then I’ve been on the lookout for a equally great eyeliner brush. This one has a small tip, which is key for getting close to the lashline and doing small wings. Good length, feels balanced in the hand. This brush was honestly another unexpected surprise in this collection. The tip looks a little bulky at first but with some practice it’s got great control.

From Left to Right: Dark Chocolate Ink, Dark Plum Ink, Patina Ink, Gunmetal Ink, Hunter Ink, Indigo Ink, Sapphire Shimmer Ink

That’s all for today! I used a big chunk of my accumulated Sephora rewards points to get this set and I can say it was worth it. All of the colors are eminently wearable for day, and can be layered with other shadows and eyeliners for more punch at night. My current favorite is Dark Plum Ink with Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Ro(cocao) underneath for some shimmer.

November 7, 2016
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