Best 5 Youtube Tutorials for Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are sort of like the LBD of makeup looks, yet still mystifying to do on oneself. I know I’ve struggled with creating smokey eyes for years, but being able to watch tutorials on Youtube changed the game for me. Being able to see makeup artists actually create smokey eyes on their models helped me immensely when learning how to apply the same to my own eyes. Here are my top five Youtube tutorials that I return to quite frequently to brush up on my skills.


1. Lisa Eldridge is an veteran makeup artist who has an impressive portfolio and tons of great makeup tutorial videos on Youtube. Her Classic Smokey Eye tutorial is great for the beginner as it sets up the principles for creating this look.




2. The next video I would suggest is also from Eldridge. It is a quicker, simpler version of her Classic Smokey Eye video and offers a great variation on the look.




3. Charlotte Tilbury is another makeup artist who has her own Youtube channel. She has some great tutorials and looks on her channel. Although there’s a lot of self-promotion on them for her own product line, there’s still plenty to learn from her strategies. This video includes a great segment on creating a smokey eye.




4. Bobbi Brown, similar to Tilbury, also has a channel that provides makeup guides (while also touting her products). But why not learn from the best of them?




5. Pixiwoo is a channel made by two sisters who are both makeup artists working in the UK. While their looks can be somewhat more on the dramatic side, they do a good job interspersing their channel with tutorials on makeup basics.




With all of these, don’t worry so much about the specific colors, brands, or palettes they are using. Instead, think about the gradations in shades – where do they place the lighter/darker shades on the eyelid. That way, you can create looks with shadows and colors that you own already.


What are you favorite makeup tutorials/artists on Youtube? Let us know in the comments below!

November 18, 2016
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